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Thread: WordPress force HTTPS and change all HTTP links to HTTPS?

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    WordPress force HTTPS and change all HTTP links to HTTPS?

    I just installed SSL on one of my sites. While it's working well on the main site, it's not on the wordpress blog here. I have added this snippet in .htaccess of the blog:

    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
    RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
    But it's still not fully secure with some assets not in secure mode. I used Httpfox to check all the HTTP requests and all HTTP requests are correctly redirected to HTTPS. Now I don't know why it's still not fully secure. I thought redirecting all HTTP assets to HTTPS would be the deal in this case? Is it?

    If not, it seems the only option left for me is to manually change all HTTP assets (href, src, etc.) to HTTPS across all the content. Is there any easy way to achieve this for the entire WP blog? A plugin? This doesn't seem right to me as I'm afraid it would neglect one asset or two on some of the posts or pages.

    This really sucks.....any help would be appreciated!

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    For the page to show as secure, all links in "view page source" must show https, merely redirecting them in not sufficient, as that is NOT was the browser looks at to decided it's secure.

    If they are all https, have a look inside any .js or .css files for links that have that may not be https
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    • Have you tried clearing your cache?
    • Have you tried using a force SSL plugin?
    • Have you updated to SSL in your dashboard >>> settings >>> general >>> wordpress address & site address URL?

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