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Thread: State management techniques in the Asp.net

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    State management techniques in the Asp.net

    There are mainly two kinds of state management techniques located in the Asp.net which are as 1) Client based state management : - There are many ways for storing state information on the client computer like view state, cookies, control state and hidden fields 2) Server based state management : - It offers a variety of ways for storing state information on the server like application state, session state and so on.
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    Here we will briefly discuss how to use the various state management techniques in our .NET Web applications (ASP.NET). Many of the IIS tools have not changed from Active Server Pages, but have been updated to State Management be more scalable. The .NET Framework has also added some additional. Some of the ways we can use to manage state include the following:
    Using Session and Application objects to cache information.
    Using Memory and Disk Cookies to preserve information.
    Using hidden input fields or the URL-embedded information to pass information from one page to another.
    Using the ViewState property of the page to set and retrieve information stored in a StateBag object.
    Using SQL Server to store state information.
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    Client-Based State Management Options

    View State
    Control State
    Hidden Fields
    Query Strings

    Server-Based State Management Options

    Application State
    Session State

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    Great thought i like your technical information. Good job share more information about that topics.

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