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Thread: What are the benefits of PHP

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    What are the benefits of PHP

    Mentioned below are the advantages of PHP which are as:

    1. Open source platform
    2. There is no requirement for its use of components
    3. It executes on different operating system like Linux, UNIX and so on
    4. Quick to understand and develop.
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    PHP is an open source server side programming language available at free of cost that can be get easily from the market. Its coding style is quiet easy to understandable and it is very efficient on multi-platforms like Windows, Linux, and UNIX etc. It is very flexible but powerful language, most suitable for developing dynamic web pages. Nowadays developing dynamic websites are in the huge demand due to its specific characteristics like it automatically refreshes and does not need to make much changes manually.

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    PHP also has a low barrier to entrance. It is relatively easy to learn compared to other server side programming langauges and is almost everywhere. There are nuerous tutorials on it and you can find any answer you need for it with a simple google search. So much so that I have never had to post a question in any forum to get an answer to anything I've ever been stuck on related to PHP. It almost seems like everything has been answered.

    Also, it is easy to install the LAMP stack on Linux machines that PHP is mostly programmed on top of.

    There are now what seems like an infinite supply of plugins and automations related to PHP as well as CMS's and Forums like this one.

    It is relatively easy as well. You don't need to worry about types at all. I almost feel like if you can figure out what if-then-else does, then you almost already know PHP.

    But you didn't asked for the disadvantages so I will leave it there.
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    The biggest benefit of PHP is how it works with Linux which is freeware. PHP is recognized as freeware as well and is easily accessible by any computer. The coding is fairly easy to learn too.
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    PHP. it’s an open source server side scripting language that is basically used for developing web pages. It is available for free use and is compatible with various platforms including Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS X. Apart from web development, PHP can also be used for writing dynamic desktop applications.

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